Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Midland PATS & Midland Preschool Family Fun Night @ the Playstation

Midland PATS and Midland Preschool have planned a Family Fun Night Fundraiser at the Cedar Rapids Playstation for Wednesday, September 25.  Half of all admissions between 5pm and 8pm will go to PATS to help cover costs of iPads purchased for the preschool.  Funding for the preschool is separate from regular school funding and funds were not available for the preschool to purchase iPads.  Each teacher was provided an iPad by the school but now each class room has one additional iPad for students.  By using iPads the preschoolers will be exposed to 21st century skills prior to entering elementary school.  The apps that the students will be using focus on skills at each child's level to help each child to be successful and improve their knowledge level.  The staff will use the iPads to record and document observations for the curriculum.  There is an app that staff can use to record all of this information on the iPads instead of taking pictures, writing notes, then documenting it all on computers.  The iPads will help the staff be more efficient in their documentation.

All Midland families and friends are invited to the Playstation, show you
school pride by wearing black and gold.  This will be a great opportunity to
meet and visit with other Midland families and raise funds for a great cause.
Be sure to come between 5pm and 8pm, if you mention you are from Midland you will get $2.00 off a pizza.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cartoon boy preparing to break a piggy bank with a hammer Stock Photo - 95042351-2-3-4 PATS DECLARES A PENNY WAR!!!!  SEPTEMBER 23 - 27!!!!
The next PATS meeting is Tuesday September 17th at 7pm at Oxford Junction Elementary. 
Topics include:       Penny Wars (Sept 23-27)
                              Charleston Wrap Fundraiser (starts in Oct)
                              Conference food for teachers
                              Winter and Spring Fundraisers
                              Fundraising Goals: What we will purchase/pay for
Join us.  Everyone is welcome.
Questions: email Shelley at hilton_cullum@yahoo.com